Jay-Z has decided to step off the stage and put the business aside and see how he does at housing the homeless. Though he has put the mic down he still occasionally touches on the importance of Housing First!

Here we have one of the most successful woman or the 21st century and she continues to display her success even after the lucrative sale of her 1.7 billion dollar natural household cleaning supplies company. Let's hope that her success in the film and the natural product industries see a smooth transition to aiding the homeless citizens of South Carolina. 

Despite popular belief that Selma Hayek made it big in LA. Decent details have shown that as a teenager she actually moved to New Bedford, MA from Puerto Rico and some how worked her way down to SC in hopes of having her big break as the HMIS Coordinator with LHC. 

Tony got tired of skating and decided to go back to community college and is now serving as an Americorps vista with LHC. He decided skateboarding just wasn't extreme enough anymore and is hoping to find the same thrill in help LHC as an AmeriCorps Vista.